Peter Leghorn

“Uncanny Valley”: Art Exhibition by Peter Leghorn


August 10, 2022
–・Sep 02, 2022–Sep 30, 2022・Ryozan Park Grand 1−9−1 Sugamo, Toshima City

Not bound to any fixed motif, the art of Peter Leghorn challenges perceptions of reality and identity. Drawing inspiration from far and wide, an array of processes, techniques or “codes” create multifaceted imagery that plays with viewers’ expectations. Leghorn creates “patch-work” portraits, where physical features are taken from a wide spectrum of ethnicity, race and gender, all blended with anything from classical and digital art to lifelike “dolls.”

The exhibition opening is on September 2 between 7pm and 9pm with an entrance fee of ¥1,500 that gets you a free drink.

During the rest of the month, viewing is available by appointment, free of charge.

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