Nordisk Village Goto Islands

A stylish Scandinavian-style glamping overlooking Goto's vast landscape

By Camilla Chandra

Opened in 2018, Asia’s first Scandinavian-style glamping facility combines outdoor and lifestyle elements for a well-deserved rest close to nature. The resort is located within the premises of heritage-packed Christian churches , and as you cozy up, the best views of Goto’s vast landscape expands. Further and within an easy walking distance, the Tao Beach gives a breathtaking panorama of the turquoise-blue sea. The spacious cotton Nordisk tents — Vanaheim, which can host up to three guests, and the more compact Asgard — offer a living space that echoes the “hygge” (“cozy” and “comfortable” in Danish) lifestyle. The tents are fitted with double beds flanked with modern amenities such as JBL Bluetooth speakers and dehumidifiers. Besides enjoying the great outdoors in privacy, you can indulge in a spectacular scenic flight to get a full view of 140 islands, stargaze as you wait for the bonfire to kick off or immerse in Goto’s rich tradition with the Baramon kite-making. Sublime and rich in history, the Nordisk Village Goto Islands is an exquisite home-away-from-home destination.

Address: 1233 Tomiemachi Tao, Goto, Nagasaki


Tel: 050-3504-9956

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